Boris Johnson: Brexit holds ‘more hope than fear’

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said he wants to reach out to Remain voters who still have concerns about Brexit. Johnson said a second Brexit vote would result in another year of “wrangling and turmoil.”

UK Foreign Secretary and Brexit champion Boris Johnson on Wednesday said he wanted to “reach out to those who still have Brexit anxieties” and show them that “these fears can be allayed.”

Johnson made the comments during the first of a series of high-profile speeches on Britain’s departure from the EU at UK think tank the Policy Exchange.

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On those who voted to Remain: “I say to my remaining Remainer friends: More people voted for Brexit than have ever voted for anything in this country and if we had another vote it would be another year of wrangling and turmoil — let’s not go there.”

On appealing to Remain voters: “We must reach out to those who still have anxieties — I want to show that these fears can be allayed, that Brexit can be grounds for much more hope than fear … It’s not good enough for us to say to Remainers, ‘You lost, get over it,’ because the vast majority were motivated by entirely noble sentiments.”

On leaving the EU: “Brexit is about re-engaging this country with its global identity — I refuse to accept the accusation that it is some kind of great spasm of bad manners.”

On the EU: “The trouble with the EU is for all its idealism and for all the good intentions of those who run its institutions, there is no demos — we in the UK have never felt part of a European demos … Our commitment to the defense of Europe is unconditional and immovable although we represent 13 percent of the EU population, we represent 20 percent defense spending.”

On migration: “We need talented people to come and make their lives in this country. We must remain a magnet for ambition and drive but need to ask ourselves hard questions about the impact of 20 years of immigration of low skilled workers.”


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