ANC expected to order Zuma to resign or face no-confidence vote

The executive body of South Africa’s ruling party is expected to order Jacob Zumato resign as president on Monday or face a no-confidence vote in parliament that he would almost certainly lose.

A special meeting of the African National Congress’s national executive committee was convened when it became clear that nearly five days of talks between Zuma and the deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa, who took over the leadership of the ANC in December, had failed.

According to ANC rules, all members, including elected officials, fulfil their functions according to the will of the party.

Zuma has overseen a tumultuous nine years in power marked by economic decline and faces multiple charges of corruption.

The ANC, in power since the racist apartheid regime came to an end in 1994, has been thrown into crisis by an increasingly chaotic transfer of power from the incumbent president to his deputy and rival.

“Obviously we have reached the end of the road with the man – we will recall him,” an NEC member told the South African TV network News24, using a technical term for the process of ordering an ANC official to leave their post.

“Zuma has humiliated the ANC enough, we must end this thing on Monday,” a second committee member told the network.


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