People walk across a street on a sunny day in downtown Skopje, Macedonia, Friday, Dec. 12, 2014. After a longer period of high air pollution and foggy weather Skopje citizens enjoy the clear and windy weather in the Balkans country capital. (AP Photo/Boris Grdanoski)

Most Macedonians Back ‘Name’ Deal, Survey Shows

Some 61 per cent of Macedonians support a solution to the dispute with Greece over their country’s name, if it speeds up Macedonia’s entry into NATO and the EU, a survey by the Skopje-based Institute for Democracy – Societas Civilis, a think tank, shows.

The survey showed that 33 per cent of respondents were categorically against making any compromises with Greece over Macedonia’s name, while 4 per cent said they were somewhat against a name change.

The opinion poll shows that the dominant ethnic Macedonians are less inclined towards a solution than members of the large ethnic Albanian minority.

However, even among ethnic Macedonians, who have stronger emotional ties to the country’s name, 50 per cent would either completely or somewhat support a solution to the decades-old dispute with the neighbouring country.

But 42 per cent of ethnic Macedonians said they were categorically against a “name” deal.

Ethnic Albanians, who make up about a quarter of Macedonia’s population of just over 2 million, are much keener on a solution. Some 82 per cent of them backed a solution to the dispute, while just 1 per cent were against.

The opinion poll also showed the political affiliations of the respondents.

Some 60 per cent of those who said they had voted for the opposition right-wing VMRO DPMNE party opted against a deal, while 33 per cent of this party’s supporters backed a compromise.


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